Coeliac Disease

Coeliac disease is a permanent disease of the small intestines. It can include symptoms like cramping, bloating and digestive problems. Weight can go up or down and can include tiredness and mouth ulcers, bloating with fluid retention, thyroid problems and depression.

While the listed problems receive all the attention they are not dealing with the issue and in a lot of cases it is not detected.  Biopsies are the normal test of the mucous of the small intestines. A positive test for tTg IgA is fairly conclusive. a New quicker method is the new pin prick blood test.

Then another possibility and a less expensive one is to have a food intolerance test carried at the Life vitality Clinic in Dunleer. This will take one visit. All foods are tested on the body. If you are coming up sensitive for Wheat Barley and Rye then it is likely you have coeliac disease. Noni Juice available from Life Vitality Clinic is good at dealing with leaky gut syndrome which is at the base of this disease. Following this you can be desensitised for these foods at a second visit.

This can be a straight forward method of dealing with the problem and leaving you symptom free after a few weeks.

Phone for appointment on 0416861535 or e- mail

Coeliac Disease

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