Summer is here protect yourself

Well there are many things we do with our eating and lifestyle habits which are not considered healthy for us. Here is a list of don’ts if you want to keep healthy and the proper weight.


  1. Sugar of any kind, sweets chocolate, soft drinks, beer, confectioneryand ICE CREAM
  2. Processed carbohydrates like cakes, biscuits, crisps, snacks, most breakfast cereal white bread and pasta
  3. Bad fats like margarine, butter substitute cooking and vegetable oils processed foods prepared with these fats – chips fish battered sausage etc.
  4. Too much fats in the meat, poor quality protein (fish and meats etc) eggs and dairy products
  5. Exposure to man-made chemicals, cleaning and washing agents, personal care items, paints, fire retardants, petrochemicals, herbicides and pesticides. (gardens and farmers beware)
  6. Exposure to man-made radiation, computer screens, mobile phones, TV, play stations, electricity lines nuclear power stations and nuclear waste.
  7. Drugs exposure: Antibiotics, antidepressants, painkillers, anti cancer medication, anti viral drugs. (Homeopathy does not have the same undesirable effect as drugs.
  8. Lack of fresh air daily and lack of physical exercise.
  9. Lack of exposure to sunlight
  10. Lack of exposure to common microbes in the environment. Living in too sterile environment is associated with compromised immune system especially in children. To keep the immune system strong it needs regular exposure to microbes in the environment. BE hygienic but not squeaky clean.

Check out Juice Plus to help you with a lot of problems shown above it will keep your immune system Heart, eyes, and other organs strong to say the least.


Summer is here protect yourself

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