Inflamation the source of illness

Indications of illness comes in many forms of warning signs to the body.  Some have symptoms which you can feel but others have no symptoms.  There is over acidity, high oxidation, high homocysteine, low enzyme activity, poor adrenal function and low thyroid function, poor oxygenation, low immunity and of course the obvious one pain to mention but a few.   Many signs come and go again when the problem has been resolved.  Lots of illness’s are a slow build up of the symptoms mentioned and they dont go away. 

The answer is of course to take an ant-acid, pain killes or other symptoms killing pharmaceutical.  As we know this gives temporary relief while waiting to discover what the root cause of the problem is.  In many many cases the root cause is never determined.

Disease can take a long time to manifest or sometimes a short time if infectious cases.  However the build up is happening inside often with no outward symptoms until it is too late.   This can come about through poor diet and life style eventually leading to hospital and operations etc.  This is when we are in emergency state of treatment.

One of the things you can do for yourself without medical bills is look at what you are eating.  The internet is full of good information about what is good for you to eat and what is not.

Treating pain  can be as simple as including certain foods in your diet.  The following foods are known pain relievers. The best options are avocado, Banana,berries, cabbage. cucumber, figs, mango and melon.  I would eat at least 5 of these per day every day. 

This is a great preventative for future pain by eating some of these every day.  On top of this I recommend you to take the next best thing which is Juice Plus capsules of Fruit, Berries  and Vegetables. It has worked well for me and many of clients for several years now.

What you eat today will be to your good health or detriment in future years.  Payback times comes sooner or later for poor eating and poor exercise routine.  So look after that body of yours and treat it well and it can give long and faithful service pain free.

Inflamation the source of illness

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