Shock can cause serious illness

A gynecologist in Europe had a son called Dirk Hammer who was docked on a yacht in a bay on the Mediterranean.  The doctor sat by his side over the next 6 weeks when eh died at 25yrs of age.  Within 12 months the doctor developed prostate cancer.  He put this down to the shock he received when his son was shot suddenly and unexpectedly some months before.  He decided to test his theory so he interviewed 100 women who had cancer of the cervix or breast cancer. 

After extensive interviews he discovered that 99 out of the first hundred patients he tested who had cervical or breast cancer had a serious shock or trauma in their life within 12 months of receiving the shock.  He even produced x rays from the top of the head showing ripples in the brain from the shock.  He went to a medical conference and lots of other doctors brought along the x-rays from the top of the head of their sick patients with serious illness.  Dr Hammer was able to tell each one exactly where the cancer was in the body of the patient from just seeing the x rays. 

All the Doctors were astounded and saw this as a new discovery in medicine.  He was really elated over his new findings until he returned to his hospital after the weekend and was called before the board who advised him to desist from preaching a heresy.  The good doctor believed he could save people from further pain through his knowledge of what he had discovered.  He was advised to stop or there would be consequences and he may lose his job.  He quit and continue to talk with patients about his discovery.

The authorities approached him about practicing out side his medical license and he was prosecuted and they succeeding in taking away his medical license.  He continued to consult with patients and was this time prosecuted for practicing without a license and received 18 months in prison during which time he wrote two books which were published on his release.  Now close medical friends continue to spread the word as they knew this was a new discovery.

Early this century his colleagues traveled Europe and further afield teaching what they called the New Medicine. They produced charts and books supporting his theory.

I attended lectures both years in Dublin.  Now in Kinesiology we have the means to release Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the bodies of clients in just one session which of course can divert illness and even relieve the mind and body in the process allowing the person to return to full health.

One such patient came to me to who suffered greatly from Rheumatoid Arthritis.  This is know as an auto immune disease which means the body turns on itself.  The consultation showed a major stress in his body form a false accusation.  This resulted in him having to leave his work after 30 years and the consequent mental trauma.  I happened upon him by accident and offered to help him.  Within the first treatment he was relieved of the Trauma and shock to his system.  I subsequently dealt with his Arthritis by means of the Mayo Clinic Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis.   He had to take this each day for a number of months to get rid of his swelling and pain.  He was on medication for the pain but only dealt with symptoms rather than treating the cause.

Over twelve months on this man has fully recovered from his Trauma and is back at wrk stress free and no sign of his arthritis.  His doctor has confirmed his inflammation factor is almost nil in his blood and he is not concerned about his arthritis at this point.

This is one of many cases dealt with at the Clinic and is worth considering if you or a loved one has a serious illness at this point.  I cant say its a miracle cure but it can help to take away the cause of the illness and thereby make treatment either medical or alternative to have a much better effect.

So watch out for those car accidents, falls at home, witness to trauma, or other serious occurrence which is suddene and unexpected.

Shock can cause serious illness

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