Something in the air

During the Winter/Spring many different types of bugs are circulating and live in the air for about 3 hours before dying or finding a new host – YOU.  I agree its hard to avoid all these bugs but you can strengthen the immune system to help stave off the worst affect on your bodys.  Here are some tips to strengthen the immune system to avoid having to retire to bed to get over it.

*Moderate regular exercise helps boost the immune system.  I would recommmend at least 5 days a week.

* Make sure you regularly get at least 7 to 8 hours sleep per night.  New cells include white bug fighting cells are produced at night during sleep.  If not your cells production, immunity and energy suffer.

*Eat Wholesome foods and keep away from Junk foods, sweetened food or drink.  This will help keep you on an even keel of energy all day. No valleys and peaks of energy.  Good foods like fruits and vegetables help to boost the immune system.  Juice Plus concentrated fruits and Vegetables capsules are an easy way to keep on top of this- available at the Clinic.

*Laughter boosts your white blood cells and let your endorphins roll.

*Keep to a healthy weight and avoid several weight related diseases. This also helps keep immune system strong.

*Eat a diet high in Fruits and Vegetables, whole grains i.e.jumbo oats porridge and low in saturated fats.

* Don’t eat too much of any one food but eat a variety of coloured foods and don’t be one of the beige brigade.

These tips should help you keep a strong immune system and maintain good health without too much bother from the little nasty ones.



Something in the air

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