Babies Not sleeping

(Photo -Telegraph)

When babies are unwell we always think of bringing them to the doctor which is normal where there is a bacterial or viral problem, but what if it is something else?   In recent times I had a baby at the Clinic for test and examination.  They could not find anything wrong with the baby but she was keeping the parents up most of the night crying etc which is the only way babies can say they feel unwell.

This was interesting as most baby problems arise from the wrong formula being taken.  However this mum was breastfeeding so that didn’t arise as I thought.  However after a conversation it turned out baby was being supplemented with baby formula.  This particular formula turned out to be a no no for this baby. The baby reacted to some of the content in the food and was also given a homeopathic remedy.  Within a week everything settled down until this week, when the baby reacted again and had the parents up at night once again.

This time it turned out to be the chlorine in the tap water which was being mixed in the formula and after the remedy was given the child started to improve. The chlorine of course affected the kidneys and support for the kidney was given. This also was given in homeopathic form.  Babies can take the homeopathic remedies orally from 1 month old.

Most babies only come up with one or two problems whereas adults can be a little more complicated.  First call in testing babies is the formula food they are taking.  Each of the brands contain different foods and therefore its best to test to find out which one is suited to your baby.

An interesting thing was that this mother was using filtered water in her babies formula. However when away from home this was not the case.

Pat Roche Kinesiologist


Babies Not sleeping

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